Deep in the woods of the Applegate valley in Oregon, a quaint workshop sits nestled among the pines. The wooden structure is the creative home of Pohlmann Pipes, and its modest scale belies the stature of the artistic heritage it contains.

For more than thirty years, Brad Pohlmann has pursued his passion for pipemaking across continents, adapting techniques from other master artisans into his own unique aesthetic vision. From the skyscrapers of Manhattan, to the coasts of Florida, to a tool & die apprenticeship in California, his personal odyssey to perfect his craft eventually led him to this patch of quiet paradise.

Valued for their seletion of materials, precise engineering, and uncompromising attention to detail and quality, Pohlmann pipes evoke the quiet calm of the surroundings in which they are created. Because they incorporate the latest in internal construction techniques , their function is every bit as satisfying as their appearance. Your interest in the selection of a Pohlmann pipe is appreciated, and you are invited to come inside and see what has been happening in the woods.