Crossgrain w/ Teardrop Shank $850 SOLD
Length: 5.3"
Bowl Diameter: 1.88" Bowl Height: 1.8"
Chamber - diameter: 3/4" depth: 1.65"
Weight: 64gm / 2 1/4oz

This is a whimsical piece and one that incorporates grain with shape, and succeeds in grand style. The heart of the birdseye is arranged directly on the back of the bowl, and what becomes the crossgrain starts as a 360 degree radiation of straightgrain originating at the birdseye center. The teardrop shank accentuates the straightgrain along its length, and a circular cut around the back left-hand side of the bowl enhances the location of the birdseye, and creates an impression of the peeling of the grain. The final result- a visually pleasing and compact pipe that is sure to deliver on all levels. (Larger pics upon request)